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15 notes   Sep 30th 2014
Thanks for banning all the kardashian Jenner thing I feel like it's all that it was for awhile
- Anonymous


You’re welcome!

-chinny + the rest of the mods

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How is Poppy Delevingne considered a model if she has never walked a runway?
- littlelovefry

Poppy is still considered a model since she’s signed with different modeling agencies and has been on editorials and magazine covers


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IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL KARDASHIAN AND JENNER CONFESSIONS + ASKS ARE BANNED. Anything sent in to do with the Kardashians or Kendall Jenner will be deleted. If you wish to ask us a question, head over to our ask.fm, this blog is going to be Kardashian-Jenner free.  Thanks for your understanding. 

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